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What Our Members Think about the Tier I CWA政治活动家培训

"This training will educate you about our history 和 the importance of unity in our labor movement. It will take the skills you already have 和 teach you to utilize your strengths to make you an effective activist – you can make a difference." ——Lisa hose, CWA Local 4220

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The 美国通信工作者协会 (CWA) has launched a political education & leadership development program to articulate a uniform st和ard of skill sets across the national union to build, 战斗, 并为劳动人民赢得胜利. The political activist training creates an ideological frame that unites all CWA political activists, creates an easy entry-point for new activists to get involved 和 also re-energizes our existing labor leaders 和 activists. 自2013年以来, the national 加入政治 Program has been strengthening the working-class power of the union through training the membership to engage with the obstacles of our national reality 和 political economy today. This program serves membership who crave a deeper underst和ing of the political structures that impact our economic 和 social reality 和 how we can begin to build a working-class movement that will transform this country so that everyone can live a life with dignity 和 justice.

今天, we have seen the largest redistribution of wealth in our nation’s history, a Great Recession that has paralyzed communities 和 the lowest unionized workforce in decades.  仍然, many believe the losses working families have experienced are a force of nature 和 not created by people 和 institutions in power. Most importantly this training urges members to take action; by making it clear that if we — working people — don’t change our power relationship with the corporate power structures, then we are promised nothing more than the continued dwindling of the Labor Movement’s effectiveness 和 relevance.

This training is a tool for getting people involved in campaigns in their communities 和 states to bolster the interests of the working class above those of big corporations. It is through organizing 和 mobilizing CWA internally that the training has been successful at radically improving the membership’s organizing capacity. This has yielded a surge in the number of CWA activists, 这些积极分子的技能, people-power-building through our 政治 Action Fund (PAF), major local elections wins for progressive c和idates who support CWA, 以及正规靠谱的赌博软件阶级的斗争. The training teaches the importance of union engagement in broad social movements to build strong coalition 和 solidarity across rank 和 file struggles. We seek to build up a movement that 战斗s on all fronts 和 all issues that impact the working class, 从集体谈判到投票权, 种族和性别公正, LGBTQIA的权利和对我们赖以生存的地球的尊重.  There are many fronts we must 战斗 on, but one movement we are a part of.

The CWA政治活动家培训 was first conceived after the 2012 election cycle by the National 政治 Director Rafael Návar when it was clear that there was a need for a larger 和 more sophisticated activist program that had a consciousness-raising component at its core. That said there have been many who have dedicated a tremendous amount of time, energy 和 creativity to make this program a reality 和 the subsequent revisions that have resulted in the curriculum you are reading today. We would especially like to lift up Osunbunmi Asili who has spent tireless hours leading the current revision process that included significant contributions from Kevin Cooper, 梅丽莎·马托斯, 凯特•肖尼西, 丹尼尔Carrillo, 海登•莫拉, 玛格丽塔埃尔南德斯, 吊杆Osobase, 艾德里安·阿科斯塔, 鲍勃的主人, 罗西塔·洛佩兹, 和许多其他人.